Boundaryless Thinking

Digital Learning, Coaching and Enablement Program

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Program Introduction


“Everything begins with an idea”
  • Well then, if it all begins with an idea, then, where do ideas come from?
  • There are two schools of thought on this
    1. The first ascribes that the origin of ideas are based on series of spontaneous and purposeful mental processes.
    2. The second attributes to the collective unconscious, where ideas are not created, but are existing.
  • Nonetheless, there is another option where the answer lies somewhere in the middle – ‘we get ideas from within ourselves and from our interaction with the external world’.
  • This can be achieved through a series of methodical process that help chunk down information to see its adaptability and to improvise.
  • FRIES is designed to help individuals and corporations achieve the art of boundaryless thinking to ideate.

Program Highlights


The course includes


  • 7 consecutive sessions
  • Each session follows by an assessment and a practical assignment to deepen your understanding of learning.
  • You will be provided access to the next session upon completion of the assignment from the previous session. This is designed so you derive maximum benefit from the course.
  • Your log-in remains active for 75 days, to access and complete the program

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching


  • You will get to interact with a coach for clarification and guidance, using:
  • 3 Coaching Sessions Video calls (30min each)

About Coaches

About Coaches


Nick Pile

Nick Pile
Chief Innovation Coach
[email protected]
  • Nick is an industry veteran and management consultant, with 30 plus years of experience.
  • Nick’s career spans across the globe with experience in several industry domains holding CxO roles and as advisor to different boards to formulate strategies and monitor its execution.
  • Nick specializes in coaching, advising and mentoring organizations. Nick actively participates in consulting for start-ups, small and medium business community.

Balaji OS

Balaji OS
Chief Innovation Scout
[email protected]
  • Balaji has over 16 years of industry experience.
  • Balaji has worked across technology, retail, manufacturing, financial services, and government.
  • Balaji is a seasoned business and technology consultant working across geographical location.
  • Balaji is a working advisor for several start-ups and is passionate about cross industry solutions and making innovation work to deliver business outcomes.

Designed for

Designed for

Designed for busy executives, Innovation using Boundaryless thinking enables you to:

  • Integrates your education with real time business problem
  • Empower you to use frameworks and templates



Upon completion of the sessions and submission of the assignments, you earn a certificate of completion from Kiwings Services Pvt. Ltd. And Resonvate


Learning Outcome

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Learn about ‘Boundaryless Thinking’
  • Gain knowledge on using ‘FRIES’ method for solving problems
  • Cultivate ‘Boundaryless Thinking’ for problem solving
  • Prepare yourself to be an innovation practitioner


Curriculum Snapshot
1.      Introduction to Boundaryless thinking
2.      Frame your problem
3.      Refine your problem
4.      Ideate on the problem
5.      Evolve with a solution
6.      Shape-up the solution
7.      Cultivate Boundaryless Thinking

Boundaryless thinking is a technique that can be deployed in any industry successfully Industries where Boundaryless thinking for Innovation has been used till now:

  • Energy
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Government Sectors
  • Banking & Finance industry
  • Retail
  • Business Services
  • IT Managed Services
  • Mining Industry