I recently started art classes for myself. Even before starting these classes, I was very much sure what I enjoy creating and what I want to learn from my art teacher. In every class, before he says ‘Today we will do this…” I jump and tell him that ‘Today I want to learn this…’

I have a friend whose son goes to one of the best international schools in Bangalore. That school doesn’t teach the traditional syllabus to the students, instead they teach them what they want to learn. They identify student’s interest and skills and motivate them to explore those fields more and grow in that direction and maybe make a career out of it, later on. It’s ok if they don’t like Maths. 🙂

Isn’t this different from what earlier learning system used to be? I think, yes.

This wave of change was re-affirmed again when I recently attended an L&D summit, organized by UBS Transformance on 27th February at Ritz Carlton, Bangalore, where professionals from Learning & Development from various industries and roles met to understand, ‘What is the Future of Learning’. The summit opened up many doors in my mind for the opportunities and new developments in the L&D field.

Being a service provider in the field of Learning & Development, I would like to summarize few of my major takeaways here from that session.

  1. Don’t just be a Learning Partner, Be a business Partner
  • Role of L&D is no more only about designing and delivering the learning modules. They have to behave equally concerned for the business improvement. At the end of the day, L&D function exists in any organization to improve the business, not only for staff welfare.
  • Solve the business problems, don’t just solve the learning problems.
  • Demand ROI from the business.
  1. Becoming an Investment & not a Cost Center
  • Prepare L&D to respond to crisis and changing business dynamics instead of becoming a cost center for organizations and getting laid off in crisis
  • And when it is an Investment, it demands ROI!!
  1. Drive Transformations & Innovations

Learning is no more limited to classroom trainings and On-the-job trainings. Innovations in learning methodologies as per learner’s and business’s requirements can only bring transformations. There are so many new learning methodologies being innovated for effective learning. I am noting down few as below. We shall post about each of them in detail in our coming blogs. “Application of the learning is the future.”

  • Stealth Learning
  • Bite size learning
  • Social Learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Theatre learning
  • Real time learning
  • VR learning
  • Micro Learning
  1. Future Expectations from L&D expert

The future expectation from an L&D expert are vast and impactful enough to transform the business and people. One of the speakers brought it out too well as below:

  • Empathize like a poet
  • Reframe like a child
  • Solve like a hacker
  • Design like an Architect
  • Prototype like an Engineer
  • Campaign like a Marketer
  • Measure like a scientist
  • Learn like a gamer
  1. Be busy with business, Date with data and Tide with Technology

A perfect balance of back end data, business objective and a use of technology in designing the learning programs helps delivering the best product

  1. Avoid being attracted to technology without knowing the right

Define how technology supports you deliver your Business Goals without looking for a single quick fix and innovation for the sake of doing it. Don’t use technology where it is not required.

  1. If you want to gamify then
  • Don’t forget its prime objective is FUN
  • Keep it simple
  • Use various platforms for games – Online games, Simulations, class room games. Make a mix of it
  • Align your game strategy with measurable goals
  • Design rewards that are pleasing and motivating
  1. Evolution of L&D function should be like this

Thanks to all the speakers and learners for an amazing sharing of thoughts and plans. L&D has definitely got new roles and exciting opportunities to learn and develop 🙂

Writer and editor – Dhwani Swaminarayan